I write blogs pertaining to black women and the struggle that we go through daily. I'm here to share what I go through in hopes of helping others who might be able to relate.

What Makes A Black Woman?

While trying to fit the beauty standards that society has for women in general, some black women sometimes find themselves also trying to fit the beauty standards of what a black women should look like. What does a real black women look like? Africans are more genetically diverse than other populations, so how is it […]


Your Black Is Beautiful

In a country that constantly reminds black women that they are not good enough or worthy of love, you would think that the black man would be there to support, to cherish, to appreciate black women. You thought wrong. Turns out some black men don’t really like black women. In this day and age, some […]


Don’t Touch My Hair

  I don’t know who told white people that it was okay to stick their hands into other people’s hair, but it needs to stop. I am willing to bet a large sum of money that if you ask any black woman on the street she will tell you that someone has either asked to touch […]


Toning Down My Blackness

I can’t count how many times I have found myself using a different voice or censoring myself when I talk to people who are not black. Why? Because I don’t want to fit the stereotype of the typical black person. If I am in a social setting where I am the only black person, my […]


About This Blog

‘No You Can’t Touch My Hair’ is a blog about what it feels like to be a black girl in a world full of “becky’s with the good hair.” In this blog I will talk about not only my experiences, but also the experiences of other black girls who may have the same or maybe […]