I write blogs pertaining to black women and the struggle that we go through daily. I'm here to share what I go through in hopes of helping others who might be able to relate.

What Am I Apologizing For?

I’ve always been self-conscious and insecure when it came to my looks. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always dreaded looking in the mirror. Always been too tall, too skinny, too much acne and then when the acne subsided, too many scars. It seems when I would “fix’” something, something else would need changing. When […]


Shooting Your Shot.

Society has told women past and present that if they are interested in a man, they need to wait for him to make the first move. Apparently it’s unladylike to initiate any kind of romantic conversation with a man. Apparently only desperate women approach men first. But how exactly is a man supposed to approach […]


The Strong Friend

A couple of weeks ago I logged into social media and learned that someone I had gone to high school with had committed suicide. I was friends with him when we were younger but as we got older, he found his crowed and I found mine. He slowly drifted from “friend” to “friend of a […]


Am I an Oreo?

Hi my name is Leila. I love Rock & Country music. In January I listened to 8,160 minutes of Coldplay radio on Pandora. Yes, 8,160 minutes. That’s 136 hours. That’s almost 6 days. My top 3 artists on Spotify for 2017 were Coldplay, John Mayer, and Migos. After reading all of that, if you didn’t […]