Why I Cannot Be Your Friend


I’m sure that many of you know that the President of the United States of America is Donald Trump. I know, and I still don’t believe it. I am still waiting for someone to pinch me or slap me and wake me up from this week-long nightmare that some of the American people have been experiencing.  It has been exactly one week since I saw Donald Trump blow out Hillary Clinton in terms of electorates and I still feel just as bad as I did Wednesday morning at 2AM when the results came out.

With the win of the election came the showing of true colors. In the wake of the Trump win, I took a good, hard look at all of my friends and decided to partake in a purge. It seems that people that I had considered friends, people who I thought would never believe or support such vile things, had voted for Trump. For me this was a slap in the face. How could you claim to be my friend, and support someone who is completely against people like me? How could you sit there and say that you weren’t racist when you VOTED FOR A RACIST?

You see to me it was pretty black and white. If you voted for Donald Trump then you obviously believed everything he said or maybe you didn’t believe in what he said, but you didn’t see it as that bad and decided to vote for him anyway. You casting a vote supporting someone who is openly racist, sexist, and misogynistic means that those things didn’t bother you enough to deter you from voting for him. The ONLY reason we vote in support for people is because we agree with what they are saying. If Donald Trump’s divisive words didn’t trigger anything more than an “oh, that’s kind of bad,” then I don’t need to be your friend.

Although I didn’t agree with them, I appreciated the people who were upfront with their beliefs rather than those who sat passively because it would not affect them.

It seems that the majority of my so-called friends were the ones who sat passively. White people who voted for Trump because they hated Hillary Clinton, knowing that they weren’t the group of people that Donald Trump hated. They were safe. It didn’t apply to them, they didn’t have to feel the fear that black people, Muslims, Hispanics, and LGBTA+ have been feeling for the past 18 months.

In other circumstances I would let this go, I would respect your opinion and I would move on. But this isn’t other circumstances  and sadly I cannot let it go. Your opinion isn’t something like “I hate the Patriots” your opinion is basically saying “I hate [insert any minority group]” and I cannot sit here and accept that.

So to all my of my former friends who voted for Donald Trump, I am sorry but we are not friends.

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