Shades of Beauty.


Image by Angelica Alzona

Imagine this, you’re at your local store looking for some makeup. You scan the aisles looking for your perfect match of foundation, but what you find is a rack of beige and three bottles of what is supposed to cover all darker skinned people. Frustration starts to build up, so you move to the lipstick section, you didn’t come to Target to get mad. You’re looking for the perfect nude, something subtle, something classy. You glance over the aisles and you see a bunch options, but for some reason none of them seem to resemble what you look like nude. You know that if you even dared to wear any of these shades of foundation or lipstick you will look like an ashy fool, so you leave the store, frustrated and under-represented.

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like when it comes to makeup for darker skin tones certain companies truly believe that either you’re Beyonce or you’re Lupita Nyong’o. There’s no in-between, there’s no color spectrum, you get what you get and that’s it. I’m not a makeup wearer, never have been. But that has never stopped me from hearing the complaints from my friends who do wear makeup. Every time we venture into a drug store, I always here the same thing “Where are the shades for black people?” It’s a valid question, where are they?

It’s 2017 you would think that America, “The Melting Pot” of cultures would even start to consider mine. There’s something sort of disrespectful about never being able to find something that fits you or people like you, it’s a slap in the face. It’s even worse that it is only happening to people like you. At these drug stores there are never outages of foundation or concealers for lighter skinned people, they have a large range of color, they don’t have to mix four different colors to get the perfect shade. While writing this I popped over to the Maybelline site just to make sure they hadn’t made any recent changes. I was “shocked” to see that they had six different shades of beige.  Somehow these companies are telling me that I don’t matter. Apparently people of color aren’t important enough to get makeup that works for them.


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