“Get Out” Review

get out

For months I sat in anticipation waiting for the new Jordan Peele movie to come out, “Get Out” it was called. I saw the trailer when I went to watch “Hidden Figures” and I was excited, another black movie ready to take Hollywood by storm. I have always been one to go out and support black anything, whether it be a black business, or movie, this wasn’t one I was about to miss. The trailer looked pretty interesting, black man dating white girl, white girl brings black man home in the middle of NOWHERE to meet her parents, bad shit happens.

When the movie finally came out, I was not among the first to rush out to the theater and watch it. Living in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania the theaters near me didn’t start showing the movie till around the middle of March. In order for me to watch it I would have had to take a trip all the way to Altoona, and ain’t nobody got time for that. It was when I went home for Spring Break that my family and I took a field trip to Frank Theaters. As my sister drove us to the theater we talked about the things we had heard about the movie on social media. A few days before it had been reported that the movie had been rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the few movies that have actually achieved such “prestige.” We had seen the teacup jokes on twitter and we so desperately wanted to be part of the in crowd that actually got what those jokes referred to. We had high hopes for what the movie would be, the message behind the movie, and best of all how it “dragged” white people for their racism.

Walking in the theater I was not surprised to see it packed, but I was taken aback by the number of non-minorities I saw in the seats. Usually when a so-called black movie came out the only people who ever went to watch them were black people. This was not the case for this movie. I was happy, I wanted white people to face some of the subconscious racism head-on, and in my head the fact that this movie caught the interest of other races just solidified to me just how good the movie was about to be.

The movie started off pretty slow for me. A young interracial couple, Chris and Rose, going to some random all white town to meet the parents of the white girl. Naturally that would make most black people uncomfortable, just being in an environment with nobody but white people, but there weren’t any signs in the beginning of the movie of the Chris’s fate. As the movie progressed more and more things started to stand out as very weird, the fact that the help of the house were all black and acting very weird, the fact that they kept taking Chris’ phone off of the charger, and the “seizure” of the only black man at the party yelling “get out!” after being hit with the flash of a camera. At that point everyone in the theater realized that everything was going quickly going to go downhill.

The first half of the movie was very boring to me, nothing was happening. I had read that the movie was supposed to be a little scary, a social thriller, and I spent the majority of the time waiting to be thrilled. It wasn’t till closer to the end when all of the “scary” fighting and surgical procedures started happening that my heart-rate really increased to something higher than resting.

All-in-all I think that I went into the theater with very high expectations, maybe unrealistically high. I expected a certain level of thrill and I expected the jabs at white America to be much more blatant and in your face. All of this made the movie a disappointment to me. It’s not that I didn’t like the movie, and didn’t appreciate the message that it was trying to convey, I just left the movie very underwhelmed.

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