Bring Back Our Girls.

MILKIt seems that for months now young black girls have been disappearing out of nowhere. Every day there is a new missing persons report, but yet nobody seems to have noticed or cared till now. The new hasn’t been covering it and one of the main reasons that the issue became a nationally recognized problem is because of the outrage that poured out of social media. People have began to use social media platforms like twitter to share these missing persons reports in an effort to find the girls faster.

The thing that is almost as shocking as the fact that all of these girls are going missing, is the lack of media coverage that the issue has been getting. You would think that if people began to disappear at a higher rate than normal people would want to know, it would be a top story, breaking news. But that hasn’t been the case these past few months. This has opened doors for speculation that maybe the reason that nobody really cares about this issue is because the victims are young black and brown girls. People believe that if these girls were white there would be national outrage but because they are not, the issue has become much of afterthought. The media shapes the way that a lot of people think. If you solely rely on the 5 o’clock news to tell you what’s going on in your community and they aren’t giving you all of the information what are you supposed to do? These issues go unnoticed, and more and more girls go missing.

In light of this recent rise in disappearances many town halls have been held in order to educate the community and ask the police and local lawmakers what can be done and why it hasn’t already been done in the first place. I have seen many pictures of these meetings and it is very unsettling to see that 99% of the goers are black people, the whole room minus the press and police officers was black. A couple of months ago white women flooded the streets of Washington, D.C. pledging their feminism and efforts to protect ALL women at all cost, but I guess when it actually came down to the act they couldn’t be bothered. It just seems that some white people cannot be bothered by an issue unless it directly affects them. I’m sure if this was a case of 14 white girls going missing that meeting would have looked much different. Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.13.11 AM

To many black people it just goes to solidify their original thoughts that black people aren’t that much of a priority in our country. Our missing black girls doesn’t deserve as much airtime as Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey. I can tell you everything about Tom Brady’s jersey, when it went missing, where it was found, but why do I barely know anything about this missing girls situation. Why was the FBI called into find a stupid jersey when our black girls can’t even Amber Alerts?Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.13.03 AM.png

This situation is absolutely disheartening. It’s sad to think that as a black woman or person of color my life isn’t that important to the public. Rather than worry about my safety people will portray me as a runaway, chastise me for even putting myself in the situation of being taken. It’s good to know that we can get more coverage over Tom Brady’s missing jersey than the lives of hundreds of black and brown girls. Young black girls if you’re reading this please be safe, look out for one another when you go out, because it seems that in this country we are the only ones who have our backs.

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